Several years ago the focus was on being compliant with the global environmental and safety regulations, while continually striving for incremental year-over-year improvements in both waste stream reductions and injury rates. While we still must maintain compliance, best-in-class operations achieve step-change improvements and strive for both customer and third-party recognition. MRI Group has developed its EH&S policy, guided by the "Ethical Code", to lead the way within our industry classification by strengthening our existing programs and expanding our global certification strategy.

Main achievements:

The company has so far achieved the ISO 14001 certification for its main plants, in order to standardize a management system for an effective environment sustainability (subsoil control, water emission, industrial waste disposal, atmosphere emissions control, energy management, etc)

The following facilities achieved
successfully the ISO 14001 certification:

  • Manuli Hydraulics Italia (Ascoli Piceno, Italy)
  • Manuli Hydraulics Europe (Czech Republic)
  • Manuli Hydraulics Suzhou (P.R. China)
  • Manuli Hydraulics Korea (Korea)
  • Manuli Hydraulics Polska (Poland)
  • Manuli Otim (France)

The commitment to pursue an environmental sustainable model is achieved thanks to Reserach & Development activities aimed at:

  • develop rubber materials with continuously improved compatibility towards the hydraulic oils progressive changes
  • prevent the use of dangerous substances and in particular the ones forbidden by the SVHC candidate list of REACh
  • offer safe metal components (chromium VI free zinc plating, lead free steal, etc)
  • meet state of the art safety requirements in products for critical environments (Dual Anti-pollution Safety Hose in Off-Shore industry, MDG41 hose assembly performance in Underground Mining sector, API flame and test performance in Drilling, etc)

  • The global economy is driving harmonization of standards (e.g., REACh, IMDS, GHS, IHM, CMP, etc.) and best-in-class organizations will be expected to have performance well beyond compliance.
  • MRI Group is ready for these changes and will continue to grow safely while protecting the global environment at best.