Our core values

  • Human resources centrality
    Knowledge, skills, competences of personnel at the different levels of hierarchy and responsibility, represent the fundamental strategic lever for the achievement of business development and profit objectives. Therefore, investing on human resources is a strategic business priority.
  • Business ethics
    Actions and behaviours are inspired by ethics and morally-based criteria, adopting a policy based on open and ‘transparent’ information and communication channels.
  • Sustainable value
    The Group pursues sustainable development through the creation of wealth, which must be environmentally compatible.
  • Customer centrality
    The customer is at the center of all our improvement targets. Consequently, the attitude and behaviour of each and every member of our staff must lead to its attainment.
  • Total quality
    The total quality of the Company’s processes is an essential virtue steadily pursued. This value is the driving force for the whole company’s relationships with the external context and the market.